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Stephen Emond

Stephen Emond is the author and illustrator of graphic novels, including Happyface and Winter Town, as well as of comic strips, including Emo Boy and Steverino.

He is also one half of indie computer games developer Taco Graveyard.

Stephen lives in Connecticut.


Stephen Emond’s author website:


I Was A Teenage Artist, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Writing Personal Stories For Teens, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Using Art In My Teen Novels, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

On Story Ideas And Developing A Novel, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

My Fiction Writing Process, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Creating Conflict For Your Character, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Structuring Novel Chapters, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Writing Stories In Different Formats, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Working With My Editor, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Talking About My Writing At Conferences, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Time And The Publishing Process, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

The Young Adult Fiction Industry, by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

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