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Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs is the author of a series of Tarzan novels, approved by the estate of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, as well as the and novel series for Oxford University Press.

He is also a screenwriter for feature films, including Judge Dredd and Freddy VS Jason, and a graphic novelist, including for Spiderman creator Stan Lee.

Andy lives in the UK.


Andy Briggs’s author website:


On Story Development, by Andy Briggs

Overcoming Writer’s Block, by Andy Briggs

Getting An Agent And Publisher For Your Novel, by Andy Briggs

Characters And Story, by Andy Briggs

Vocabulary And Word Choice In Teen Novels, by Andy Briggs

Developing An Idea Into A Complete Story, by Andy Briggs

Creating A Realistic Story World, by Andy Briggs

On Age Ranges For Novels, by Andy Briggs

Life As A Published Novelist, by Andy Briggs

On Writing Self-Contained Novels In A Series, by Andy Briggs

Keep Writing: The Importance Of Finishing Stories, by Andy Briggs

Bad Habits To Avoid While Writing, by Andy Briggs

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