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Nansi Kunze

I grew up surrounded by books in Australia and the UK.

After studying languages and ancient history at university, I spent several years teaching overseas-trained doctors how to pronounce rude words and teenagers how to mummify each other, whilst cultivating a taste for manga and video games in my spare time.

Unsurprisingly, my early attempts at writing serious adult fiction failed.

Fortunately, I proved to be much better at writing slightly zany Young Adult fiction. I’ve had two YA novels, Mishaps and Dangerously Placed, published by Random House Australia and I’m currently hard at work on the next one (assuming that ‘hard at work’ is synonymous with ‘researching glamorous locations on the internet’).

Nansi Kunze author website:

Nansi Kunze page on Facebook

Nansi Kunze on Twitter


To Meme Or Not To Meme? by Nansi Kunze

Cheer Up, Emo Kid: Humour in Young Adult Fiction, by Nansi Kunze

Faster and With More Intensity: Pacing in YA, by Nansi Kunze

Unlearning What You Were Taught About Writing at School, by Nansi Kunze

“So, how do you start a novel?” by Nansi Kunze

When The Novel Writing Process Gets Tough… by Nansi Kunze

Creating a Teenage Sleuth Character, by Nansi Kunze

A Different Set Of Eyes: Getting Feedback On Your Writing, by Nansi Kunze

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