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Month In Review (May 2013)

Writing Teen Novels has reached the end of its fifth month of articles for 2013 from this year’s line-up of novelists from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Thank you to all the contributors, to everyone who has been reading the articles and those who have connected with Writing Teen Novels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr, or via Novel Writing Quotes on Facebook or Google+.

Articles for May 2013

Writing The Engelsfors Trilogy Together, by Sara B Elfgren and Mats Strandberg (guest article)

Does A Novelist Need An Agent? by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Hooking Readers With The First Chapter Of A Teen Novel by Beth Revis

Editors: Working With You To Make The Best Book Possible by April Henry

Using Character Handles In My Teen Novels by Elizabeth Wein

My Fiction Writing Process by Stephen Emond (graphic novelist)

Writing Novels Teens Want To Read by Diane Lee Wilson

Narrative Point Of View In My Teen Novels by Carolyn Meyer

Choosing Character Names For Novels by Paul Volponi

Using Setting Descriptions To Convey Mood In A Novel by Monika Schroder

Writing The Kind Of Novel You Want To Write by Lish McBride

On The Process Of Plotting And Writing A Novel by Sam Hawksmoor

Using Your Character’s Senses To Show Your Story-World by Kashmira Sheth

Endings And The Novel Writing Process by Bernard Beckett

Young Adult Novels Versus Adult Novels by Laurie Faria Stolarz

On Character Development For Novelists by Kate Forsyth

Language In My Teen Historical Novels by Pauline Francis

Creating An Underdog Character (Secrets Of Narrative Drive) by Sarah Mussi

Vocabulary And Word Choice In Teen Novels by Andy Briggs


‘Month In Review’ Updates

For more articles on writing novels you can check out Writing Historical Novels and Writing Novels in Australia.


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