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Switching From Writing Adult Novels To Writing Teen Novels, by Greig Beck (guest post)

Return of the Ancients: the Valkeryn Chronicles is the first of a three part series and tells the story of a future world of great beauty and great horrors, and of two races that have fought a war for an eternity.

Arnold ‘Arn’ Singer, an average teenager living in Illinois is thrown forward into this world and finds he is the last human alive. The land is populated with mysterious and bloodthirsty creatures – some want him dead, while others see him as their only hope for survival – a return of one of the mysterious and all-powerful ‘Ancients.’

Arn has to survive in a hostile world and save his new friends, and also try and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the human race. While the two mighty kingdoms prepare for a final war, Arn must make a fateful decision. It is an epic tale of love, betrayal and war in a world both familiar and terrifying.

I have been asked why did I write this novel? Why did I change from writing action/adventure/horror to produce a YA series? Well the answer is twofold – One, my son came to me one day, and said: ‘Dad – dogs and cats, but the dogs are giant wolves and are like Vikings, and cats are evils assassins – they’ve been at war for thousands of years… and as he said it, I could see it all. As soon as I finished off my latest Alex Hunter book I started – it was enormous fun to write. I certainly haven’t changed my style (I couldn’t if I tried!) – there’s still a lot of action and adventure, with a growing opposites-attract love story running throughout.

The second answers is, I haven’t turned my back on the harder style action/horror – I have another of the Alex Hunter books coming out in December 2012, called Black Mountain, and I also managed to fit in a short story about how Alex Hunter came to be the Arcadian – called Arcadian Genesis – it should be available as an eBook mid-year.

Momentum is a digital only imprint of Pan Macmillan that primarily creates eBooks, and print-on-demand versions only if the book is ordered in that format. The books are available globally at a sensible price – everywhere at the same time.

EBooks, without doubt, are the growing phenomenon in the literary world today. Momentum’s model takes away the confusion about staggered release dates for different countries. As an example, in 2011 my third book was available in Australia and New Zealand, my second in the USA and Canada, and my first in the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and as an Audio – this staggered release creates confusion when talking to readers around the world. The staggered release also creates an opportunity for pirates – where there is demand for a book, but it is contractually unavailable due to geographical barriers, they simply hack a copy and make it available first. Momentum solves all the problems at once, by making the books available globally at the same time, and pricing them low to start with.

Valkeryn was a very different story for me, and I was fully prepared to self publish. However I sent it in to Pan Macmillan who loved it and thought it would be a perfect fit for Momentum. Now, writers like me, who can produce two to three books a year, and who can get impatient with traditional publishing models that can take a year to turn a story from a manuscript to a shelf available book, can have their work out to the reading public in a matter of months.


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