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Diane Lee Wilson

Horses and history inspire me to write, and my books have won many national awards for their creativity and their content.

An avid reader since childhood, I first applied my love of words within the fields of advertising and corporate communications before pursuing the art of crafting novels.

With a variety of animals having served as my own companions over the years, I always feature them in my stories, and they are drawn with a richness equal to my main characters.

I currently live near San Diego, California, and I am working on my seventh novel.

Diane Lee Wilson author website:


History As Fiction: A Balancing Act, by Diane Lee Wilson

Animals Speak Volumes: Animal-Human Friendships in Fiction, by Diane Lee Wilson

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Smells Like Teen Spirit: Writing Fiction For and About Teens, by Diane Lee Wilson

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Vocabulary and Grammar in Teen Novels, by Diane Lee Wilson

“When are you going to write a novel for adults?” by Diane Lee Wilson

Writing Novels for Children Versus Writing Novels For Teens, by Diane Lee Wilson

To Write Better, Read More, by Diane Lee Wilson

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