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Jennifer L Armentrout Interviewed by SM Johnston

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USA Today bestselling author, Jennifer L Armentrout, has been capturing the hearts of teenagers throughout the world with her Covenant series and Lux series. Jennifer has stopped by to chat about her path to publication and one of her latest releases, Cursed.

Hey Jennifer. That’s for joining us.

Thank you for having me!

It’s easy for people to think you’re an overnight sensation. Share with us your journey to publication.

It always makes me laugh when I hear people refer to me as an overnight success. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. Publication takes a very, very long time. I wrote Half-Blood in 2007 and it wasn’t even picked up for publication until 2010 and pub’d in 2011. During that time, I wrote Cursed, the sequel to Half-Blood, Pure, and Unchained. In 2011, I did write a lot, but it seems like I’ve wrote all these books in a short period of time because of how the contracts played out, but in reality, it’s been five years’ worth of writing.

Your books have been described as being as addictive as chocolate ice-cream. How do you make them so yummy?

Ha. That’s better than being told they’re like crack. But then again, that comparison made me laugh. I think it’s the romance and banter. All my books are heavy on the romance and most of them have snarky or witty characters in them, which I think people enjoy that combination.

Your latest release is Cursed. How did you come up with the story?

Cursed really started with Olivia, Ember’s little sister. I got this idea in my head about a little girl who can bring back the dead with her touch and then the very first scene just popped in my head. It reminded me so much of Pet Sematary and I loved the creepiness of that. Once I had that scene, I thought it would be great to have two sisters, one who could bring life with her touch and the other who killed. Kind of yin and yang. The mystery component came next, because I didn’t want it to be a story just about kids with special powers.

You have so many different stories going on, how do you keep all the plot lines straight in your head?

I don’t work on two different series/books at one time. That helps.

Who is your favourite character from each of your book series and why?

All my characters are favourites of mine, sometimes one is more so than the other depending on the day or mood. It’s honestly like choosing the favourite kid.

How do you get your inspiration?

I wish I had some kind of awe-inspiring story to tell how I get inspired, but I don’t. I get bored easily so I make things up in my head to entertain myself. Luckily people like to read what I make up.

Is there any chance that you’ll come to Australia?

I’d love to!

We’ll all keep our fingers crossed. What other releases do you have coming up?

I have Deity (3rd book in the Covenant Series) and Elixir (short story in the Covenant Series in Aiden’s POV) coming out in November and then Opal in December (Lux Series).

Now I’m going to hit Rapid Fire Questions

Unicorn or Pegasus: Pegasus, of course

Aliens or Hematoi: Depends on my mood

Purple or Green: Purple

Sweet or Savoury: Savoury

Koalas or Wombats: Koalas

Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you for having me!


I am giving away a copy of Cursed on my blog Down Under Wonderings.

You can find Jennifer on her website and find out more about her Covenant series and Cursed on the Spencer Hill website and her Lux Series on the Entangled website.


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